Different Kinds of Wedding Cards

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Those couples’ – who are going to lock a nuptial knot, are the sanctified by the divine, as they are starting a new chapter in their lives – to live and lapse their lives together. A wedding ceremony won't be complete without an exquisite wedding card to let their friends and family know that there will be a wedding that will happen soon. Invitations needs to be sent to invited guests 4-6 weeks before the wedding date so they can prepare ahead of time. Traditions live on for the quite some time because along with the invitation card, there is also an attachment which is the response card and the map or direction card.

The primary reason of providing invitation cards as well as the response cards and the direction cards are aimed to guide the guests to the date, time and venue of the wedding ceremony.  Aside from these, dates and other important information is also included inside the card such as shuttle facilities if there's any, save the date card and seat marker so they will know where they will be seated.

There are different kinds of wedding card; you can refer to this information which may be helpful to you as you plan for your wedding day:

Engraved Wedding Cards – these are the most preferred type of cards for mostly people.  It is engraved using a copper plate. The letters will be raised so it will look classy and different. This is preferred by so many people but because of the cost, this is not a practical choice.

Printed Wedding Cards – these types of cards are also liked by many people, for the reason that, these are cost-wise affordable one because it can be done even in the comfort of your home if you have printer. During the early times, it was not considered by most people because it is not as inviting and classy as the engraved and embossed type of prints. But with the advent of technology, there are lots of options available these days which also compete with the market trend today.

Thermo-graphed Wedding Cards – these cards include minor objects added with ink, this is similar to engraved invitations but they are not as expensive as the engraved ones.

Handwritten -this type of invitation cards can be done if you would like to personalize your invitations but since they look informal, few people do this method of sending out cards.

In addition to above, there are few other types, like calligraphy and contemporary wedding cards.  These types of cards go along with your budget, choosing the right one will surely be favorable to you. there are different types of cards that are available these days, upon right selection, you can save much on your budget and still get the quality you are looking for.

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