Choosing Colors of Bridal Gowns

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To demonstrate like a princess, by dressing the white bridal costume at a wedding occasion is a dream being seen by all girls.  However, is white the only choice for wedding dress? Actually this is not really true always. Brides would in fact wear gowns which are of different vibrant colors. They can wear dresses of various colors to express their happiness.  In tradition, white color for wedding dress is a symbol of purity or virginity. But actually the white gowns for weddings did not become so popular until it was worn by Queen Victoria for her wedding to signify her status.

Many are of the opinion that, merely the white is the symbol of beauty for brides. Those brides with fair skin would look pale and insignificant on traditional white gowns. And also red-haired women look improper and a bit weird in white dress. So there are other colors like ivory, cream, and champagne for gorgeous appearance for them.

Besides these, there are few other scintillating colors, which give an excellent impression to the bride, like red, black, gold and even sliver. If there is a theme of your wedding, the color of your wedding dress should match that. Safe colors for wedding dresses are ivory, white and cream, which will compliment any color of the decor and the bridesmaid dresses. Black and grey are usually avoided as they are usually associated with depression occasions and moods. Also you can choose the color that match the season like sliver for winter or pale pink for spring. Colors like browns, reds and burnt oranges are usually selected by brides for fall. Now gold wedding gowns are really welcomed in the fall. And for summer, almost any color goes. Some earthly colors, like greens, mud-browns and maroon will incorporate many outdoor spring weddings.

The ultimate aim of the bridal dressing is to complement the figure of bride, and could add the skin color significance, match the season, and the theme of the wedding.

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