Dissimilarity between Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

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Practically, the engagement rings and wedding rings are entirely different from each other, in view of their appearance and symbolism.  Basically the engagement rings are used prior to marriage to hint towards the fact that, one is engaged to someone. The most preferred engagement rings are diamond solitaires, yet can be with some other choice, like color, quality and kind.

The significance of engagement rings is that, these rings are put on, on the left hand finger. The engagement ring is purchased singly.  Whist the wedding ring is put on below the engagement ring, on the ring finger of the left hand.

Wedding rings can relatively be austere in design. The normal gold or platinum bands are still quite popular for both men and women.  You have the recourse to select from engagement rings that could aptly fit with a wedding.  Few wedding rings, exclusively in a set can be quite broader.

Some wedding rings – can include diamonds or other stones that add the charm of engagement rings. In addition to it, seldom engagement rings and wedding rings which are designed to go together may be jointed in the back to reduce the needless space of the rings rubbing together.

Although there are male engagement rings either, yet the female engagements rings are more popular, yet when it is the wedding ring, the husband exclusively use it, being the gift of his newly wed spouse.  Whilst a diamond ring on the left ring finger may hint towards a female’s engagement, and a simple band worn on the left hand ring finger by a man.

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