Designing Your Own Wedding Dress

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Although you see massive net-driven wedding dress designing ideas, yet you can be well on your way to designing your own virtual wedding dress in no time. Whether you will be taking your virtual design directly to a dressmaker or you are just developing ideas, these virtual programs can guide you in creating a magnificent gown.  Go through these instructions that will be helpful to get a classic wedding gown.

First Step
Consult different sites that provide detailed information about the wedding dress, as an instance you can see iVillage (see Resources) to begin designing your dress using the iVillage Build Your Dream Dress website. Click the "Get Started" button to begin your design. Wedding Dress Creator (see Resources) is another website that allows you to create your own virtual wedding dress.

Second Step
Choose your body type.  A shape that is similar to hourglass is a primarily a person who is thin around the waist with broader shoulders and hips. A pear shape has narrow shoulders but thickens through the waist and hips. An apple-shaped body tends to have broad shoulders and waist but thinner hips and legs. Use the adjustment slider to make the female image on the screen match your approximate proportions.

Third Step
On many sites, you may come across the link – Design, click this link, and then go to skirt style, bodice style and sleeves. From the Skirts menu on iVillage, you have four pages of choices, so be sure to view all of the choices before selecting your favorite. As you make a selection, it will appear on the bride image. Continue through the Bodices menu and the Sleeves menu, clicking on the images that most appeal to you. You can change your selection at any time simply by clicking on another image. To remove your choice without replacing it, click on the menu image of the item you would like to delete.

Fourth Step
During the sites you are looking, you may come across the link – Accessorize, you follow this category that could be helpful to make selections from sashes, trims and veils. Sashes range from simple to ornate waist adornments. Trims include gloves, bracelets, tiaras, bodice flowers, waist flowers and hair details. On this site, you can only choose one element from each menu.

Fifth Step
After completing the process, press on the link - Save Your Dress, and add your email address. The URL of your saved dream dress will be sent to your email address. From there you can forward the information to your family and bridesmaids for their opinion. You can also bookmark the link to your dress for future use. Should you desire, you can send your dream dress to others automatically by clicking "Email Your Dress" or "Send to a Friend" and entering their email addresses.

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